Start of my story 

I’ve had an interesting life to say the least. I’ve been looking for a venue to share my experiences so far. Not to look for sympathy but rather to hopefully let others see that they are not alone. I am constantly reminded that there is always someone out there whom has had or is going thru more than what I am or have. Sometimes that is the only realization I can hold onto to keep myself from crashing. 
For me, it started in the year 2002ish when I was Twenty Years old . I had moved to the small city of Red Deer, north of where I grew up in Calgary, Alberta Canada. At the time I was a backroom manager at Walmart. I was rather successful and was in line for a promotion to Assistant Store Manager given I’d been with the company since 1998 and had moved to Red Deer and had made strong impact to the store. 
I had gone with three other folks for interviews and assessments for the promotion. I’ll never forget the day I was told I was accepted. I was working with power equipment in the backroom. My stomach was killing me. I was using one hand to operate and the other was on my gut. I was called into an office to conference in with the district manager. The store manager looked at me and said to relax, it’s a good call!!
I was congratulated of being promoted and I would hear more shortly regarding my training. I was over the moon! My girlfriend at the time said my stomach should settle down now because I got the job. I had no reason to think anything different. 
A few weeks later myself and three others that were also promoted were asked to travel north to a smaller store to assist with inventory prep. It was a 6hr drive where I was in the back seat thankfully not driving lol. 
I had still been having sharp stomach pains for close to two months at that point. It’s amazing what your mind will tell you when you’re young. I had been having these pains accompanied by blood in my stool on occasion. Being a 20yr old guy of course I didn’t tell a soul and attributed it to the stress of a potential new job….
The drive up was rough but not nearly as rough as it was about to get. Once at the store we discovered there was a lot of physical work to be done. Knowing that I was not feeling too well I was put on a forklift most of the time. It was an incredibly hot summer, still on record as one of the hottest summers to this day 12 years later! Once the outside work was done I helped inside. This is where I really got bad. After eating lunch one day I ended up in the bathroom at the store. I had severe diarea with a lot of blood. The pain was so bad, I began to vomit while also loosing my bowels at the same time. I still remember trying to clean it up out of embarrassment and not wanting others to know about what happened. Needless to say I was unsuccessful. 
I was driven to the hotel room where the same thing happened all over again. When my roommate, the driver from Red Deer, came to the hotel room at the end of the day he asked whow I as doing. I was in the fetal position in my bed. I said I wasn’t too good. They all went for dinner without me. Thank God it was the night before we headed home!!
The next day we began our road trip back home. I don’t remember much of the trip home at all. When we got back to the store my girlfriend couldn’t believe how much weight I’d lost in the 15 days I was gone. The next morning she took me to a walk in clinic. There I saw a young doctor who I explained most of the situation to. I was still too embarrassed to share the truth.
I remember him leaving the office after I had lied about what was truly going on. While he was gone I realized I had to tell him. When he came back I told him everything that had been going on… Including the blood. He then calmly got the lead doctor in the clinic as he was still doing a practicum. After explaining all that had been going on my girlfriend was told to take me to emergency and he was calling a colleague to see me there. 
I was given a scope shortly after arriving. They saw an incredible amount of disease activity in just my lower colon. I was immediately admitted and given a room and heavy medications for the pain. This is when I broke down, the doctors explained how serious my situation was given until this point I had not lived with disease my whole life. This is when shit got real. My mom drove up from Calgary and my dad in the US was called. 
It’s easy to tell my story and tell people they have to tell somebody doctor or not what is going on when something like this happens. When realistically you’re a 20yr old guy you can’t say anything. Your mind tells you with conviction that “it will go away, give it a week”.  
I would hope if technology like this existed back then, Blogs, Facebook, Twitter etc…. I may have read a story like this and may have had better sense to say something to someone. 
By creating this Blog I hope to encourage anyone going through things alone to say something. As you will read and as I continue to share, there was a strong likelihood I may have lost my life due to pride and ignorance of my youth…


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