Tough Decisions & Rewards

So now that I was at home and beginning to adjust to my new reality a few things fell into place. Both good and bad.  

Starting with the good! Because of my weight loss I was asked to carefully add to my fatty intakes to build mass. I had lost a lot of muscle mass and had to work on strengthening my core, again carefully after the abdominal surgery. So it was recommended, by a doctor!, to frequently visit Dairy Queen for Blizzards. Now those doctors orders I could handle!!!

I was given two months after release to stay off work. I had to build mass and obviously allow time for my body to heal before attempting work. As time was getting closer I had to obviously get ready with new clothes, shoes, socks ect ect. Being I’d lost all this weight I had nothing to fit anymore. On top of clothes I need a vehicle. When my dad ca.e down he’d grabbed my keys for my 1995 Neon. After driving it two days he got rid of it for me. Let’s just leave it at it was a very unsafe vehicle. 

I had seen pictures of the new Chevy Cavalier that was out. In 2003 it was a new body style that I really liked. My dad had taken me to the dealership at my request. The whole time I was off I had been being paid in full by my employer so had a fair amount of income. Me being me, I feel in love with the top of the line model, Z-24. My girlfriend kept saying I should just buy a used basic car to get around. My perspective was I’d just lived through all of this and maybe I should buy something nice for myself. 

It was a bone of contention between us. Added to the arguments we had been having about me taking it easy and easing back into a routine. What she couldn’t get around is that I was feeling better each and every day. I didn’t want to moap around the house, I wanted to live and “get caught stealing back what I’d lost”! In the end my did helped me to buy the Z-24! They had to bring it from up north leaving me a one week wait time. When I came home with my dad and the paper work for the new car my girlfriend was still at work. She was livid that I just went out and bought it without calling her first. To be honest, looking back I still chuckle about that day. I guess buying this car was more of a healing mechanism than I realized at the time.  

Once I got the car and learned how to drive it!! Because it was a standard, something I’d always wanted to learn how to drive and oddly still drive one to this day! I made a road trip to Calgary where my family lived. Here is a picture of me and my nephew with the car in the background. And a few other pictures of the car while I had it. 



This car became a large part of my life. So much so I had pictures of my wife and I on our wedding day with the car. She completely understood the emotional attachment I had with the car. She always had the same mindset as me. Why the fuck wouldn’t you buy something big you wanted after surviving hell!!


Enough about “Yellow Thunder” LoL after buying the car things went down hill with my girlfriend. She was so worried that something “could” happen one day again that she wanted to move to the small town of Ponoka. Her parents where going to abuy us  house as an investment for them. My girlfriend was in the frame of mind I could quit my job and become a manager of a small town store in Ponoka. 

Only problem was, I was getting back into work and loving it. I only moved to Red Deer for her to begin with and hated it. I craved the city life not the booney life. I remained open minded, going as far as viewing a house in Ponoka her parents wanted to buy. 

Timing as it was, I was asked to go to Calgary as part of my training to be an Assistant Manager. This is where my wife and we began to fall for each other. I will pick my story up from there in my next post. 

I want you to take away from this post that life does get better as long as you’re honest with yourself. Sometimes you have to do things for you. Some people will understand and some people will not. Either way, pick yourself up, dust off your boots and move on. 


Published by: Dave

I am a humorous, courageous, honest man who encourages, supports & loves others by being vulnerable & compassionate while sharing my story of hope.

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