Came Outta Nowhere 

So there I was, enjoying being back at work but having some serious doubts about my current relationship. I was transferred to the other store in Red Deer to continue my training. I can still remember clear as day the first time I saw her (Spoiler alert, became my wife). She was in an office and I walked in behind her. I had no clue who she was but wow. We got to talking and she was a shoe manager trainee in the store. After I talked to the boys I found out she’d only been in Red Deer a short time from British Columbia. 

Over the course of the next few weeks we hit it off. Meanwhile, if you’re paying attention I was still living with my girlfriend, very awkwardly by the way. She was becoming more ademant about moving to Ponoka. She kept saying she wanted me to quit my job so I wouldn’t get sick again. These comments enraged me as I wanted to move on and live!! I was still only  21-22yrs old for Christ sake!

About this time I was asked to help to relocate a store in Calgary.  I should probably just name my former company as further into my story I will speak to it greater, it’s was Walmart. Even though I grew up in Calgary and my family was there they put me up in a hotel to “get used to travelling”. By this time Charlie and I where finding common ground. I was still thin as a rail but okay. I was able to see all my old colleagues from the store I worked in before going to Red Deer. They knew what happened to me but seeing me in person some of the ladies broke into tears. They couldn’t believe how sickly I looked. Even after 6mons of getting out of the hospital. 

Then one day when I was in the new building for the relocation I saw that girl from the Red Deer store. Turns out she too was sent down to help the project! Unlike me she was asked to stay with a family friend not a hotel lol. We really started to find a connection. She knew I had a girlfriend in Red Deer and that we were on the rocks. Later I would learn she was just waiting for me to say I broke up with her. We got flirty, not going to lie, but it didn’t go further. I would drive her around the city to show her where I’d grown up, schools I went to, house I grew up in things like that. tsince he company was paying dinners we went out for dinner a few times. She’d never heard of the Olive Garden so I had to take her there…..had no choice! The company wanted us to eat!! 

Then one day, she was gone. This was before texting and Facebook so I actually had to talk to people to find out where she was {believe it or not}. She was sent back to Red Deer. She did call me a few days later at the Calgary store.  This is when I hot her number. We had plans to go to the Cheesecake Café for a “company” Diner & dessert. I told her I’d her her a slice of chocolate cake for when I came back to Red Deer. 

Being a man of my word I did. So there I was, on the highway in the middle of winter speeding  “home” with a stop off first to deliver a slice of cake to a work friend who just so thappened to be a gorgeous girl.    When I got to her apartment building, with cake box in hand, she thew her keys down from her second floor balcony completely missing me and sinking to the bottom of a snow pile!! I dug her keys out and delivered her cake. 

After which I went home…. By this time it was a toxic environment. My girlfriend was angry and horrible to be around. We were oil and water. About this time I ended the now nearly 4yr relationship. I told her I would find my own place and when I was done in Calgary I should  have a place. 


Published by: Dave

I am a humorous, courageous, honest man who encourages, supports & loves others by being vulnerable & compassionate while sharing my story of hope.

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