My First Apartment!

After ending my relationship and with my job ending in Calgary I still hadn’t found my own place. I did find one apartment that was within my price range but it was not very nice &  in a bad area of town. So I happened to look into vacancies in a particular building that just so happened to also have an occupant I knew…. There was one apartment vacant. I looked at it, liked it and signed the papers that week. It was a bit above what I wanted to spend but it was close to work and My future wife just so happened to be in the adjacent building within the same complex. 

My family was pretty adamant that I take some “alone time” before jumping into a new relationship. I did take the advice and even told Gina, my now wife, that I needed to take some time. She got it and later told me she was glad we took things slow to avoid being the rebound girl. Over the course of the next few month we spent more time together and finally made it official! One great story I need to share, especially as Gina has yet to read my blog lol, is a time I “forgot” Some cash in her apartment.  So one day, if I remember correctly it was before we were actually dating, she was in the shower. While she was in I randomly placed pennies, nickels &  dimes throughout her apartment. In the kitchen, along the window ledges on her baseboards ect…. I just assumed she’d not found them until the full story came to light some time later. 

Turns out she was so freaked out she had called her dad in BC panicking because she thought someone was breaking in and leaving this change in her place. She called the landlord and had the locks changed and everything. Now I had put coins everywhere, she was still finding coins after the locks were changed!! This is when she finally told me the story. I calmly told her I was the one placing the money throughout her place. Surprisingly she didn’t punch me. If I had known that she was this freaked out I would never have let it go so far but not once did she mention the coins! We still laugh about it today. 

As time went on, Gina was promoted and so was I. I won’t bore you with two years of just being young and in love lol. Eventually Gina was transferred back to Calgary, by this time I wanted back to Calgary as well. It took a few months for me to get moved back. When my transfer was approved we decided to live together in the apartment she got.  I was given the overnight manager position in the store I first started in. It was not ideal although I was in Calgary living with the girl I loved and that was all that mattered to me. 

In my next post I will enlighten you as to how I proposed marriage as well as to how I was introduced to Multiple Sclerosis. Like most of what you have read so far it’s an interesting story to share and very emotional for me to this day. At this point in my life I thought I was in good health and had endured the worst already through the birth of Charlie. As life tends to do, there is always something new to experience around the corner. 


Published by: Dave

I am a humorous, courageous, honest man who encourages, supports & loves others by being vulnerable & compassionate while sharing my story of hope.

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