Not alone, MS Society 

So once I was on Rebif I quickly realized this was real. I had already became a member of the Calgary chapter of the MS Society. Lucky for me at the time it was only about a 20min drive. I had decided after work to stop in to speak with someone. When I did I saw the office was quite a bit bigger than I thought it would be. I saw the receptionist I explained this was my first time in the office and wasn’t to sure what was available. She asked me to have a seat or browse through the books they had available for me to sign out. 

When she returned she was with another woman, this is when I first met Bev. Bev continues to be heavily involved with our chapter, at the time she was acting president and one of the lead researchers. She also lives with the disease 

She sat down with me to listen to my full story. She, like most, was surprised that after all I have experienced in 03′ I now too had MS. When went through the different programs that are available and invited me to attend one or some of the group meetings held through the society. Given my young agree she recommended “The Newly Diagnosed” group which met every Wednesday at 7pm. She said the facilitator was fantastic &  the meetings were only two hours. I could excuse myself at anytime or only attend one to see what they were like. 

The next week I attended! For people that know me I am a very outgoing person with a wild sense of humour. This was a different me for the first meeting. I remember sitting down at a big boardroom desk with about 4 other people plus the facilitator. I had no idea what was going to happen. 

It didn’t take too long for those in the room to see I was of this nature. I enjoyed hearing the experiences of others and engaging in conversation with the group. The first time I verbally shared my story I did find myself getting emotional. By telling my story I found others also showing emotion to what I was saying.  Likewise as we went round table and I learned their stories as well the feelings were mutual. 

By the end of the first meeting I attended, I found a great relief of sorts of not only sharing my story, rather hearing the stories of others. As I continued to attend these meetings I continued to feel a great sense of humility in the fact that I truly am not alone in this battle. My story is not “worse” than any others mearly different. I heard stories from others that I found very impactful. To this day I am still very close to some of those I met through these meetings. People who may have not entered into my life if I did not have MS enter into my life first. 

Just another perspective to being diagnosed with a significant disease or experiencing a significant life event. If you “Stop and Look Aound” you will see the worst of situations in life always have a positive associated with them. 


Published by: Dave

I am a humorous, courageous, honest man who encourages, supports & loves others by being vulnerable & compassionate while sharing my story of hope.

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